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Finish Line Super Bike Wash
The Super Bike Wash 1-Liter Spray.

Finish Line

Super Bike Wash

$13.99 - $33.99

Finish Line Super Bike Wash

Super Bike Wash quickly cleans dirt, clay, road grime and chain gunk off your bike. Five different cleaning agents work together to create a high-speed cleaning system. Three different rust and oxidation inhibitors protect metal surfaces to prevent rusting. It's safe for all bike surfaces.

Features and Information

  • View the 1-Gallon Jug.
  • Use Tip: Instead of a hose, we recommend a bucket of warm, soapy water with a soft, kitchen-type brush and sponge for cleaning. If you prefer to use a hose, be sure to take off the high-pressure nozzle and use a trickle of water from above to avoid getting moisture into bearings or inner surfaces.
Option Manufacturer's Part Number
1-Liter Spray B00320101
1-Gallon Jug w/sprayer (add $20) B00100101